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Engtool has a brand new website!

Updated: Feb 11

New times ask for a new face!

Last years have been challenging for the plastic and #moldsindustry for the major part of the companies and unfortunately, a lot of them didn't survive this journey. Engtool stills here today only because adapted itself in search of new ways and fields to work.

And even if you are not that interested in the molds and you only care about your final product, we can do all the "behind the curtains" work, and deliver your brand new product to you, be it a #boot, a #packaging, or any other #thermoplastic product.

Feel free to explore our website!

We tried to show you our services, a sneak peek of our company, and make you understand what are our values and mission in this tech world. We value a lot the easy flow of communication and transparency, so you can reach us through several channels, directly by message, call, social media, everywhere! You can also easily send us your application in the careers section. And last but not least, don't forget to ask us for a quote!

Thank you so much for your visit, we hope we can get in touch!

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