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Who are we?

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Engtool Company

Engtool is a Portuguese Product and Injection Mold-Making Company for the plastic and footwear industry capable of building molds up to 4T, from design to assembly.

We also inject molds up to 120T clamping force.

In addition to our technical capabilities, we bet a lot in proximity to our partnerships.

We stand side by side and we stay connected along with all processes, "just a click away" from each other!

And here we are, finding real connections and getting closer to you, achieving solutions together, and building a world of human technology!


More than clients, we look for partners!

We want to meet the expectations of those who seek us, and help them achieve success, because if they succeed,  so will we!

And that's how the world achieves goals, united.

Engtool Mission

Our mission

We want to be recognized as a people-to-people company, which achieves the technological quality of injection molds thanks to teamwork, and not alone.

We want to be a reference not only in the quality of our work, but more than that:

by the way we work.

Our vision

Engtool Vision

Our values

We are based on 4 pillars:


We believe that transparency is the base of everything, mainly for evolution, because we can only evolute if we look at all the situations together and solve them together, as one. We bet on the simplicity of connections and easiness to reach.


It is very important to have the ability to adapt and facilitate things to achieve the goals in the best and most cost-effective way.


Without motivation, there is no evolution! We strive to keep our team and customers motivated because it is the motivation that makes the world move.

Constant learning

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristoteles.

Engtool Values
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